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If your home or business experiences a water leak, you will be faced with numerous costs and inconveniences. In addition to facing the steep costs of repairing any damage to the structure and your personal property, you will also have to investigate the potential of any mold that may be present. You may also have to deal with the inconvenience of finding another place to stay or conduct your business during the repairs, replacing any personal property that was damaged, and working with your insurance company to maintain an appropriate premium and deductible.

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Water Leaks
Are Preventable

A Boston Consulting Group report predicts that claims for insured homes will fall by 70% if all the latest technology for water leak detection are adopted.  An ACE Group study found that 93% of water damage claims could be avoided with a water leak detection and shut off system.

Flexible System Options: We can configure simple, low cost systems to protect you from specific threats. We can also configure Whole House systems. We can connect to Alarm Systems or Z-Wave Smart Device Controllers. We can configure the system that is right for you.

Lifetime Warranty: We are the ONLY provider in the industry to offer a Lifetime Warranty on all of our system components.

Superior Protection: Our systems detect leaks, shuts off the water, sounds an alarm and notifies you that the a leak has been detected. This is the highest level of protection that is available in the industry.

These insurance companies offer premium reductions to their policy holders who have Leak Detection and Shut off Systems installed in their home or business, and may also offer financial assistance with the purchase and installation of a Leak Detection and Water Shut off system. Contact Leak Prevention Pros today at (760) 989-2655 and request a free estimate.

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